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Superhero Costumes

Dress like a superhero! Buy cheap cosplay bodysuits and costumes from Comics, Movies and TVs. Over 150 suits available including Spider-guys, S-guys, B-guys, PR-guys , etc. Children size is available.
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the only website where I have seen this cosplay and the truth that I am very satisfied with the purchase. Very good material, practically identical to the original one and very fast shipping, in just 3 weeks I already had it in my house since I made the order. definitely highly recommended Christian
Dorissa  May 15 2020


Fantastic Zentai Dorissa
Libby  March 28 2020


Arrived within the orders timeframe, fits perfectly and even has a little extra length on the legs if you are taller. I'm very small and the padding is thick and gives the shape volume. Durable fabric and strong invisible zippers. The shading is realistic and contours the padding well looking like muscles. It is a little bit too orange however but the picture ZZ gives is honest about the orange color. I will be airbrushing mine blue so I really don't mind this. Best look and price I found on the internet. I am a girl so the pics are on a female body. Libby
Syaz  March 28 2019


my suit take 3weeks finished, but the shipiing is super duper fast Syaz
Edward  February 14 2019


I want to let everyone know the life expectancy of this suit....I received thos suit back in September of 2015. It is now February 2019 and its time for a new suit. I literally wore this suit 2 a month since, doing flips, handstands and thousands of high fives....so much, so that my hands have worn thin and its time for a new suit.
Mikeypool  January 13 2019


I've been cosplaying the Merc with the Mouth for a while now and this is by far my favorite Deadpool suit. I've worn this suit to two cons now, and it is still holding up super well. I love the texture and foam padding, which really give it a premium look and feel, all while still being incredibly light. It is also one of the most comfortable suits I've ever worn that gives you complete range of movement so you can get into whatever Deadpool shenanigans your heart desires. 10/10 would recommend and buy again. (Oh, and I went with the jersey lycra material and rubber lenses on the detachable mask, all of which I very much recommend). Mikeypool