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MORE... MORE... MORE... MORE... MORE... MORE... http://www.gunheaddesign.com/ https://sellfy.com/ArachnidStudios https://sellfy.com/supergeekdesigns http://4neodesigns.com/ https://sellfy.com/Kevinrua https://www.facebook.com/gfxdesigncosplay
Bagley Comic S-guy Printed Costume with Muscle ShadesSuperior S-guy Costume | Printed Spandex lycra Zentai Suit with 3D Muscle ShadesThe Amazing S-guy 2 Replica Zentai Costume with 3D Muscle Shades
The Amazing S-guy 2 Replica Zentai Costume with No 3D Muscle ShadesVenom S-guy Printed Spandex Lycra Zentai Costume with 3D Muscle ShadingsVenom Gwen Printed Spandex Lycra Costume with 3D Shading
Amazing S-guy Zentai Suit with 3D Muscle ShadingHammond S-guy Printed Spandex Lycra Zentai Costume with 3D Muscle ShadingNightwing Printed Spandex Lycra Zentai Costume with 3D Muscle Shading
Spider Lantern Printed Spandex Lycra Costume with 3D Muscle ShadingSuperman Original Printed Spandex Lycra Costume with 3D Muscle ShadingKid Flash Printed Spandex Lycra Costume with 3D Muscle Shadings
Arkham Knight B-guy Printed Spandex Lycra Costume with 3D Muscle ShadingUnlimited S-guy V2 Pattern Printed Spandex Lycra CostumeSymbiote S-guy Taglia Printed Spandex Lycra Costume with 3D Muscle Shadings

Mrzentai has been working with these excellent digital pattern designers since
2015. Let us introducce you the best designers of the bodysuit pattern field. With their
hard work we can make the dream come true.
You can :
1. order the pattern listed on their website.
2. send them images to custom a pattern.
Please feel free to contact them if you have any ideas waiting to be achieved.

Hello everybody, Gun Head Design here!
Gun Head Design started after I made the first Spider-man pattern for myself at "The RPF" forum.
A lot of people said they thought it looked good and that they liked it a lot.They asked me if they can purchase it.
As time went by I made some more superhero patterns and wanted to create an easy and comfortable way for people to browse and purchase them - thus Gun Head Design was born!? I welcome you all to look around the front page to see the selection of available pattern files and to check out the photo gallery to see full sewn costumes of other clients.
That's all folks, have a great day!

Hi, I'm Supergeek designs, thank you for showing an interest in my designs, I have been working together with Mrzentai.com to help provide high quality and authentic looking superhero costumes. I have been creating patterns for over a year now and with the painstaking attention to detail in the patterns and Mrzentai.com's high quality printing and sewing we together create some of the best looking and most affordable costumes on the internet. As well as working together with Mrzentai I also have my own websites where people can look at all my designs, follow the progress of any new designs as well as contact me to commission new designs.

Hello we are 4neodesigns!We help designs patterns for the printing process known as dye sublimation “dyesub” or “Subdye” for short.We have helped create designs for fan films, wrestlers, MMA gear, cosplay, Halloween. And various other customs designs.Our pattern has been redesigned from the ground up with a new shape and new muscle base. This allows for better customs sizing and easier design.I came up with a name “4neodesigns” as way for me to help pay the bills for the birth of my son Neo back in 2012 and that is how this fun journey began.ValuesI was raised to treat others as you want to be treated, at 4Neodesigns you can always count on me to do the right thing. I only work with honest people, if I find that any of my clients are scamming, stealing and bullying other in this amazing community. then i no longer will sell , collaborate, or communicate with someone like that. Including vendors.We are honest, hardworking and dedicated to delivering a quality design

Freelance graphic designer, digital artist, comic fan and cosplay pattern designer specialized in the customization of comic accurate and classic pattern designs, make sure to contact me for any requests or questions. Always taking comissions for custom patterns, order it and I'll design it between 3 - 10 days. I offer affordable prices so anyone can order.
Quality guaranteed.

Hey everyone! Im Flavio and i am a grafic desinger and lover of S-guy and all his costume.i have start a few years ago draw this tipe of costume and now is a real passion.

If you need further assistance, our designer Wang will be at your service. He is both a tailor and a designer. So he understand the pattern design as good as the excellent designers above. As his pattern will be sold free, so most simple designed pattern will not be charged in the first customize order.

To contact him, please mail : service@zentai-zentai.com