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Holiday Notice: We will be on holiday from Feb.1st to Feb. 20th. The order placed after Jan.18th will be shipped out after we back from holiday. Thanks for your understanding. Happy Chinese New Year!
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At first,the mask was made small .Then i contacted zentai-zentai and they kindly provided a new mask for free. Cool!!

Daisy More

My son like it very much!!!!

Daisy More

can i choose custom stlye lens shape ? like the one in this pic ?

Marco More
Andreas Mann

My fifth order from zentai-zentai.com and still nothing to complain about. I got this suit in size M and it fits me (173 cm, 73 kg) perfectly. My suit has individual toes for wearing flip-flops and is opened between the legs (so no zipper is visible at the backside). After wearing it for a walk I think this will be one of my favourite...

Andreas Mann More
Erin Fitzpatrick

This is my first purchase from this site and honestly I am pleased with how it turned out. I strongly recommend the EVA lenses as attached, my main concern was the lenses were going to come in black, but they came in pink. You also may have to cut out inside the lenses in order to see.

There were some measurement issues that are my...

Erin Fitzpatrick More

Best suit ever! Thanks zentai!

Please ignore faceshell + eye lenses cus I bought from other seller.

Symackz More
Wolfgang Schröder

Recommend 100%.

Wolfgang Schröder More
Sophii Jones

This cosplay has been one of my favorite for years! I wore it to almost every conventions for two years straight without an issue, so much fun to wear and great quality!

Sophii Jones More
Sophii Jones

Amazing quality, comfy to wear and never a disappointment at conventions!


Sophii Jones More
Stan Waliszewski

I recently purchased this and am quite happy with it .. The suit has a great fit and color print. I have only found 2 issues.

1. I purchased the detachable mask, the mask does not stay tucked in, it always slips out. I think the mask should be made a bit longer so it stays tucked in the suit.

2.I use SWAT elbow and knee pads as...

Stan Waliszewski More
Nick Marselas

is there a cape with this suit? if so does it have a web pattern on it?

Nick Marselas More
Martin Spidey

I've ordered this suit a while back and all I can say is that it's amazing. Great printing quality and sewing makes it ready to wear, with small upgrades from my side (puffy painting) I can say that this suit is bringing attention at every single convention and event I go to. People keep calling me 'the real spidey' because this suit is...

Martin Spidey More
Gavin Billeaud

Merci encore Zentai Zentai vous faite du bon boulot

Gavin Billeaud More
Alexander Masut

Really great suit for the price. I had no problems with mine whatsoever. The Jersey Lycra is great quality, and the mask looked perfect on my head without the need for a faceshell.

Great first-timer suit for those who have never cosplayed Spider-Man before, but don't want to spend a massive fortune on an RPC Studio suit.

I would...

Alexander Masut More
Vincent H

Wow! What can I say? This suit is everything I had hoped for and more! I was so excited whenever I found this site with this particular suit and print up for grabs. I quickly took my measurements and LEAPED at the chance to finally fulfill my childhood dream of becoming Spiderman! Haha. I've had this suit for about half a year now and I...

Vincent H More
Nick Marselas

Is it possible to get a maskhood in full red? I need one for a Vigilante Spiderman cosplay,respond when you can!

Nick Marselas More
Mr spodermon

Is this apart of that once a month free suit contest?

Mr spodermon More
Nicholas Marselas

Awesome suit, I don't have one but my friend has one,this one in particular and it's 99.9% movie accurate (webshooters)... I would love to buy one but I don't have any money...

Nicholas Marselas More

this suit is great it has amazing details it is movie accurate i will be buying from here again if you get this suit i recommend choosing the tailored option and get jersey Lycra it is really durable overall 9 out of 10 I am going to wear it to planet comicon 2016 to see Stan lee KCMO

spidey More
Jungle Jim

tight,good slapping sound

Jungle Jim More
Raul Arellano

I just wanted to say that the first time i found out about this website i was filled with joy. I actually got a job as a Gardner just to afford this costume. And successfully worked 4 months just to get this amazing spider man costume. Thank you zentai zentai. I look forward to your new arrivals the quality of the costume is amazing. I...

Raul Arellano More

This was my first purchase from zentai-zentai, and it definitely won't be my last. When it first arrived I was presently surprised to find it was better quality than I had expected. One thing that really stood out on this suit were the eyes. I ordered the EVA lenses attached as an add-on, and received so many compliments about how...

Olivia More
Kim Russelle Tapanan

This is like the best captain spidey costume ever.It fits like a glove and its comfortable to wear, a must buy for spidey and captain america fans.I got it with a U-shape zipper and a wrist zipper and i provide the lenses...Overall 10/10

Kim Russelle Tapanan More

do you guys have any venom lenses or like a mouth with the tounge out

Tyler More
Edward Flack

Great costume which drew a lot of attention at comiccon. 10/10.

Edward Flack More
Jessica B

this suit is amazing! i love everything about it. the attention to detail is 5 stars alone :) very happy. i did a review on my youtube channel that u can view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=206qRaBjReE

Jessica B More
George Loupis

hello do you fix in the back the lines...so i can order this costume...???

George Loupis More
Marcel Markart

Now I feel retarded. I hope it works this time. Thumbs up, great suit after all.

Marcel Markart More
Vasili Moutakis

Hey Zentai Zentai, for this extra mask, would you be able to glue these $25 lenses on the hood instead of EVA lenses?

Vasili Moutakis More

Hi Chuck,
Does this suit come with the mask and attached EVA lenses as standard like the other Gwen suits you have on here?

Tony More