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Holiday Notice: We will be on holiday from Feb.1st to Feb. 20th. The order placed after Jan.18th will be shipped out after we back from holiday. Thanks for your understanding. Happy Chinese New Year!
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If I get this suit can you put this logo on on the chest?

Spider_Matt More

already posted a review as Nick just wanted to post picture

Nicholas More
Caleb Stead

Fits and looks better than I was expecting. Got plenty of compliments while I was out wearing it.
My main issue with it is the fabric and sewing quality. After one night out, a seam in the hand came out and several other spots looked like they were about to. A hole also appeared on one of the feet, and I know I did not do anything to...

Caleb Stead More
Anna Szarota

Really impressed with this suit. I ordered it on Oct 7 and lost all hope of it arriving before Halloween after it hadn't been shipped out on the 25th. I was surprised when I received an email on the 27th that it had been shipped out and was due to arrive in Ireland from Shanghai on Halloween before 6pm (within 4 days!). Needless to say I...

Anna Szarota More
Daniel Åhs

I love it! You will never find a better Superman costume!
I'm 179cm and around 85kg. I took the XL and it looking really good, but maybe it is little big (because it is spandex I think I can get the minder one). I have had it 1 year and now I trying to loose 5kg, so I just bought the L version now also :) Hope it will fit me also^^...

Daniel Åhs More
Jacob woods

can u make this spider man ps put web wings and make 30$

Jacob woods More
Jacob woods

comic ones plzzz

Jacob woods More
Jacob woods

can u make 25 and 26 look like this

Jacob woods More
Paula Estevez Caride

"Im in love with it"
What can I say about my order? Im just in love with it.

I was looking for this zentai in a lot of different web pages looking for a good quality-price product, and I found this from zentai-zentai, this was my first order here.
I was very scary, because after reading a lot of feedbacks and reviews, I...

Paula Estevez Caride More

If i were to get this suit would you be able to make the back spider look like this?

Nicholas More
Jeremy Colwill

Got to do an awesome photoshoot with CourteX Studios with my MCU Spider-Man and the photos turned out great! Can't wait for my next purchase from you guys! :D

Jeremy Colwill More

if i order this could i get lenses shaped like these?

Nick More
Jeremy Colwill

I love my Civil War MCU Spider-Man suit! I got the lenses and the soles glued on and they're fantastic. I was just shooting a All-Spider-Man Photoshoot the other day and I jumped in one of the pictures. Can't wait to purchase my next Spidey outfit from you guys!

Jeremy Colwill More
takoda sorvillo

Amazing costume! I Purchased it for use in a fan film! Zero problems, money well spent!

takoda sorvillo More
Dimitri Deborne

Ce costume est géniale !!! Déjà le deuxième que j’achète ici et toujours aucun soucis ! Merci Zentai-Zentai

Dimitri Deborne More
Jeremy Myers

This suit was my second time ordering from Zentai-Zentai. I search many sites and decided on this suit for several reasons. Price being a huge factor, I could get a complete suit the way I wanted it for the same entry price of some others. The other deciding factor was built in shoes. Another site had a suit I liked but not the built in...

Jeremy Myers More

Hi! can you make this version also?

Manuel More

Love the custom suit. Got great remarks on dutch comic con about my lady deadpool cosplay. only downside is the leg holster, kept sliding down (little annoying) but other then that i honestly love it.

Mireille More

They did an awesome job, excellent customer service, will order more in the future!

Kel More
Rixson Ramdeen

Amazing suit! Highly recommended!

The problem with muscle shading on a costume is how flat it looks without actual raised muscle beneath which kills the illusion. This suit solves that problem!

I had purchased several costumes from Zentai-zentai already when they listed this skin tone coloured muscle suit for sale so I knew they...

Rixson Ramdeen More
Phillip Betournay

This is definitely the best muscle suit available online. It fits perfectly, it is snug, comfortable. It fits great under my costumes to provide me with a nice athletic tone. I ordered mine with a horizontal crotch zipper; perfect. My Instagram followers love it. One girl said that I look sexy. Be sure to check my YouTube account for...

Phillip Betournay More

can you make this for the pink, black, yellow, red and blue power ranger like the picture attached where you cant see the persons face that is wearing it

lisa More
Phillip Betournay

This was a great costume for a great price. I ordered mine with a detachable gloves above the wrist and a horizontal crotch zipper. The gloves combined extremely well with the suit, not leaving any skin showing. I loved how the eye mask was included and that the belt was detached to make it look more realistic. The biggest flaw was that...

Phillip Betournay More
Phillip Betournay

This was a good suit for a great price. I ordered mine with a detachable hood, gloves below the elbow and a horizontal crotch zipper. I love that the cape was detached, as well as the briefs and the belt. Made it look more real. I do not recommend that you order the gloves detached below the elbow. They will make the sleeves really...

Phillip Betournay More
Phillip Betournay

This is definitely the best skin suit I've ever bought. I ordered mine with a detachable hood and a horizontal crotch zipper. It's perfect. The only flaw is that it is a little hard to see. I did cut little holes and replaced them with brown pantyhose to help me see better. This suit is amazing, received a lot of likes on Instagram. Be...

Phillip Betournay More
Phillip Betournay

This is an amazing costume for an amazing price. I ordered mine with detachable hood, gloves and socks along with a vertical crotch zipper. If you know the size will be a little tight, I would recommend a horizontal crotch zipper, much more comfortable. I would also recommend that you ask a seamstress to sew elastics around the ends of...

Phillip Betournay More
Phillip Betournay

This is a very good suit for a great price. I bought mine with a detachable hood, feet and gloves plus a vertical crotch zipper. I recommend you get the horizontal zipper instead, much more comfortable. If you get the hands and feet detached, you might need to ask a seamstress to sew elastics around the ends so it could stay on better....

Phillip Betournay More

Ad this is a picture of my custom suit. See my previous review to learn how happy I am with it.

Franco More
Jada Koi

wow thank you shipping was really fast. The quality of the fabric was good, the color of the fabric is great. There is a zipper on the front

The only problem was the sizing on the crotch it was too big and it hung really low, the waist was pulling the crotch down. It fit weird on the crotch I sew and adjust it, it fits better now....

Jada Koi More
Robert Samuel Non

I got Jersey Lycra for two of the suits I ordered, the picture is my best friend wearing the L one and I got the XL. I have to say this is probably the best purchase I've done. I give it 5 stars(or plus) rating for its durability, comfort, accuracy in printing, and the overall quality of the suit, it's all amazing. If you're still...

Robert Samuel Non More