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Patterns by Arachnid Studio

Dye-sub patterns designed Arachnid Studio
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I am absolutely obsessed with this suit. It fits like a glove. I can move in it with complete ease and it makes me feel very confident. There are 3 zippers that are very durable and make the suit feel very secure when wearing it. It lasted the very well with both an indoor photo shoot, as well as an outdoor photo shoot. It was a very accurate Mary Jane Iron Spider suit. I highly recommend. CyFy
Ethan  June 21 2020


Can I know what mirror lenses Look like for the option for this suit? Reply:
Please contact service@zentai-zentai.com
Ethan  February 10 2020


Will I get the same blue lenses as seen in the picture? Ethan Reply:
Please choose blue mirror lenses along with this suit :)
Zack  February 06 2019


I love the suit! Thanks Zentai and a huge thanks to ArachnidStudios. It is what i expected and fits just right! Will be back for more.