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Review: Amazing S-guy Costume 2 | Spandex Zentai Suit

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Really impressed with this suit. I ordered it on Oct 7 and lost all hope of it arriving before Halloween after it hadn't been shipped out on the 25th. I was surprised when I received an email on the 27th that it had been shipped out and was due to arrive in Ireland from Shanghai on Halloween before 6pm (within 4 days!). Needless to say I was overjoyed when the package arrived at 4pm on the 31st! I heavily recommend this suit for its great price and appearance. Great value for your money. However the processing does take the full 2/3 weeks and I recommend getting a detachable hood as it can get a bit uncomfortable after a while.
 Phillip  January 19 2017


This is an amazing costume for an amazing price. I ordered mine with detachable hood, gloves and socks along with a vertical crotch zipper. If you know the size will be a little tight, I would recommend a horizontal crotch zipper, much more comfortable. I would also recommend that you ask a seamstress to sew elastics around the ends of the gloves and socks so that they could stay on better. See pictures. But overall, I love it. I made videos on YouTube. just search my name.
 Phillip  January 17 2017


This is a very good suit for a great price. I bought mine with a detachable hood, feet and gloves plus a vertical crotch zipper. I recommend you get the horizontal zipper instead, much more comfortable. If you get the hands and feet detached, you might need to ask a seamstress to sew elastics around the ends so it could stay on better. Overall, it is an amazing suit. I hope to buy more costumes from these guys soon.
 Steve  August 26 2014


sorry my last one had the wrong email so i'm sending this one just to be sure 10 out of 10, i will definately be ordering from you guys again.
 Peter  March 07 2014


The suit is what people love. Whatever body is in the suit, does not really matter. That's what i find so wonderful about this character is that he is everyone's and he is everyone. The suit is one size smaller for me. But, who cares? At least i am Spider-man. Had cool friends and was able to join the Avengers. I changed the lenses. Used radio grills and spray painted them yellow/gold. sculpted frames. Used acrylic paint for gloves. And now, i'm puffy painting it. that's pretty much it. I love the suit.
 Chase  June 19 2013


This costume is very awesome. The most movie accurate costume you can buy from a store, and cheaper than the licensed ones which look cheap. Customizing it only makes it better. I did a lot of cool work on mine to make a battle damaged amazing spiderman.
 Liam  May 08 2013


This suit is literally amazing and great quality, I'm so glad the head is attached to the suit because some other sites come with the head detached, I recommend this suit to all spiderman fans out there
 letisia  February 24 2013


AMAZING SPIDERMAN SUIT!!!!! I bought this for my little web slinger for comic con, he loved it and everyone around him stopped to take his picture, together we made the Local news. I also put a video up on youtube of him dancing in the suit! He Loves it!
kelvin  January 01 2017


Parker  September 30 2016


I LOVE this suit!! It's really nice and very well made. I got mine with the detachable gloves thinking that I'd have to take them off to be able to use my phone but I can still use it with the gloves on. I did get it custom sized and I am very happy I did. It fits amazingly well, just follow the guide on how to measure yourself and you'll be good.