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Hello we are 4neodesigns!We help designs patterns for the printing process known as dye sublimation “dyesub” or “Subdye” for short.We have helped create designs for fan films, wrestlers, MMA gear, cosplay, Halloween. And various other customs designs.Our pattern has been redesigned from the ground up with a new shape and new muscle base. This allows for better customs sizing and easier design.I came up with a name “4neodesigns” as way for me to help pay the bills for the birth of my son Neo back in 2012 and that is how this fun journey began.ValuesI was raised to treat others as you want to be treated, at 4Neodesigns you can always count on me to do the right thing. I only work with honest people, if I find that any of my clients are scamming, stealing and bullying other in this amazing community. then i no longer will sell , collaborate, or communicate with someone like that. Including vendors.We are honest, hardworking and dedicated to delivering a quality design