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Black and Red Zentai Suit Inspired by Harley Quinn

  • ITEM: #ZZ5131391 Poids: 490g
USD $60.00
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It'll have a deviation about 3-5cm, which is up to the different elasticity of fabric.
Please give us your height in "Item Remarks" when you place order.
Wearer's personal character will be completed exhibited out when a tight binding feeling is implemented on him or her.
Do not use washing powder and bleach for washing Learn more...
Wearer's weight should be no more than 150kg.
All Zentai suit is available for men, woman and kids.
All hoods can be purchased separately.
Custom Zentai suit is available, please choose the Customize under the size drop menu and it is free.
Special customize (for example No Hood, Open Crotch, Add Toes,etc) are available.

Color:Black and Red
Fabric:Spandex Lycra
Design:Full body suit

 Spandex Lycra Silk Lycra Modal Velours Shiny Metalic PVC
Elastic ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥
Breathability yes yes yes yes yes no

Men’s Size Chart
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Height 61 155 63 160 65 165 67 170 69 175 71 180 73 185 75 190
Chest 33 ½ 85 34 ½ 88 35 ¾ 91 37 94 38 ¼ 97 39 ½ 100 40 ½ 103 41 ¾ 106
Waist 28 ¾ 73 30 76 31 79 32 ¼ 82 33 ½ 85 34 ½ 88 35 ¾ 91 37 94
Hip 34 86 35 89 36 ¼ 92 37 ½ 95 38 ½ 98 39 ¾ 101 41 104 42 107

Women’s Size Chart
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Height 59 150 61 155 63 160 65 165 67 170 69 175 71 180 73 185
Bust 30 ¼ 77 31 ½ 80 32 ¾ 83 34 86 35 89 36 ¼ 92 37 ½ 95 38 ½ 98
Waist 22 ¾ 58 24 61 25 ¼ 64 26 ½ 67 27 ½ 70 28 ¾ 73 30 76 31 79
Hip 33 ½ 85 34 ½ 88 35 ¾ 91 37 94 38 ¼ 97 39 ½ 100 40 ½ 103 41 ¾ 106

Kids Size Chart
Size Height
cm in
S (age 6-8) 102 - 118 3´4" - 3´10"
M (age 8-10) 119 - 136 3´11" - 4´5"
L (age 10-12) 137 - 152 4´6" - 5´

What others say:


    4.3 out of 5

12 review(s)
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I absolutely love this suite. Only two real negatives was the collar peice is kinda small, smaller than the picture, and thankfully I'm not wearing the head peice, cause it does look a lil droopy and sad. BUT the absolute quality of the suite is magnificent, like there is no better quality than the material this was made out off. I's soft, breathable, something I'd have NO problem with wearing an entire con. It was easy to get on and zip. On most Harley suites, the diamonds are sewn on from the outside like this one, but they usually look choppy and trashy, but these are neatly placed on the edge. The wrist frills are kinda flat and small but thats not a big deal, personally I got my suite with the hands detachable. I HIGHLY reccomend you do the same. I've cosplayed Zentai/Spidey for a while now and having the hands detached is just gonna make life SOOO much easier, especially if you plan on wearing this with a wig and make up. For my fellow perfectionists, the diamonds are not comically correct, a lil high here, low there but like might could mention it in the further instructions and they'd make it right for you? Another, not like a big deal. But yes, overall this suite is WELL WELL WELL worth the money, the people who run this company are amazing and will answer any questions or instructions that you have~
Hi Jennie,thanks for shopping with us and it's great to hear that you are happy with our service.As for the collar and wrist frill pieces,we often make them in the standard sizes according to the design itself but we can still customize them if you need them fit your own size.If you have any question,please feel free to contact vai emailing to service@zentai-zentai.com.
 Courtney  February 28 2015


love love LOVE this costume. Pros: High quality material, great sewing, size was to scale, Colours are vivid and didn't fade, great quality for the price. Cons: Wasn't a fan of the cowl, the "horns" were too narrow and unshapely, but that's about it. Definitely buying from here again, great service, and an awesome variety!!!
Rachel  December 12 2016


I am extremely disappointed with the costume i received. It is over all too big for me even though i took the time to make sure all of my measurements for custom sizing were correct.The arms are too long and the legs, crotch, and back have a lot of excess fabric which makes the look of the suit very baggy on me. The picture was deceiving in making the white collar appear to be disconnected and the head piece well made. The cutting all around the costume is also very lazily done. Now i will have to find some way to send it back and get it altered, or adjust it myself. Which was never my intention considering the price i paid should have resulted in at least a decent looking costume.
Please contact us at service@zentai-zentai.com and take photos as requested. If we made it wrong, we will remake a new suit or refund you. Thanks.
Katie  September 21 2016


I got my suit today, earlier than expected, and immediately tried it on! It is comfortable, breathable, I can move in it, it fits perfectly (arms are a bit too long but that's my fault, and it's not a problem). I requested a lot of alterations: no feet, hood separate, hands separate, and most importantly, the collar separate. The collar is amazing and came separate, great material and a wonderful closing method (though they forgot to attach the actual button to close it with, but luckily I'm handy enough to make that alteration myself!). I didn't have extremely high expectations because of the reviews, for instance about the hood, which is why I had already planned to go without hood. But it's actually just as perfect as the rest of the suit, I'm so amazed! The only thing I did not like and immediately threw away is the mask. It is exactly like the picture, so not at all like the (thinner, wider) mask Harley herself wears. This is obviously not a huge problem. Most people draw or glue on the mask :). The customer service was also absolutely worth 5 stars. I was worried about the collar actually being separate so I checked up on that more than once, haha. He stayed friendly and helpful, and an automatic e-mail also updated me about when my package was shipped out. THANK YOU!
Tia  May 03 2016


I got my suit today and was quite happy at first, however after looking over it I noticed my white collar had no ball balls on the ends of them like in the image. I was also slightly deceived, I thought the collar was a separate piece, but doesn't matter. The biggest disappointment was the horns, they are terribly placed and are so small they don't stand, so I will have to adjust them. Other minor concerns are just the small details like the diamonds, they are a little badly cut with rugged uneven edges, and the custom size I got didn't fit tightly around my stomach so it's a bit loose. I know its picky but for what you pay it could be a little better. Otherwise I am thrilled with purchase, just a few things I'll have to fix up. I cant wait to show it off, so thank you. :)
Amanda  October 21 2015


I am incredibly happy with my purchase and the customer service I was provided. I ordered a custom size in their busiest season and I needed to have it delivered by a certain date. Not only was my deadline met a week early, the quality of the suit was unaffected! It's absolutely beautiful and it fits incredibly well! I highly recommend a custom size (ordered in advance!) if you don't know where you are in the sizing chart. My only concern with the suit are the little horn, ear thingies on the cowl. They are not capable of standing on their own and will definitely just flop around your head. Other than that the suit is perfect!
Hailey  September 15 2014


This suit arrived fairly quickly for how far it had to travel. It only took about a week for it to be made and about three days to ship which I was really happy about. The material quality is really nice and it's silky and comfortable for a full body suit. I ordered the face aperture so the mask came detached which I find nice. The mask can easily be tied on under the hood. I ordered the white collar to wrap all the way around to the zipper in the back. Everything came as I expected it was. I ordered it with custom measurements and they did very well with that. It fits very nicely. I can't wait for Halloween with my Harley Quinn Twin :)
Braeden  July 29 2014


This costume is amazing! The quality of the fabric is excellent: it's pleasantly shiny and super stretchy. I custom ordered my costume, and it fit perfectly. (A little tight around the neck, but that was probably my own fault.) I ordered the mask to be separate, and I ordered a face aperture with a flat brim on the forehead, and it came out exactly as I imagined. I also ordered the white collar run around to the zipper (since I've read that it normally does not) and that came out wonderfully as well. The jester ears are a bit small and floppy, but I'm not concerned. The whole outfit looks wonderful all together. And, even with the custom order, it only took a week to be sewn and shipped to the US! It was definitely worth the money. I will greatly enjoy this years Halloween.
E.  April 10 2014


Based on what I read in the reviews, I was VERY specific with my "additional instructions" section. I wrote that I wanted the white to continue all the way to the zipper in back and I wanted the mask separate, hood detachable, and gloves detachable. They even sent me the mask separate so it actually was made to tie around instead of being attached to the face. I gave them detailed measurements in the "custom" section and they did a great job. My only problem was that the diamonds were a bit low on the legs and the height was taller than I had asked. And the ears DEFINITELY need more stuffing... possibly a wire aperture addition.. Other than that, I'm really happy. The material is comfy, breathable, and stretchy enough that I can still do Harley's flexable poses without worry.
Audrey  August 21 2013


This costume is good AND bad at the same time. The quality of the fabric is really good and the colors are wonderful! The body suit up to the neck is well done(although the white folding around the hands are cheap)! What really kills it are the ears. They are no where near the picture. They are tiny and cant stay in position, they literally fall on your forehead. Also, the white collar is just a piece of fabric sew onto the suit and doesnt even go all the way around(which kinds of frustrates me since the person at the costumer service assured me it was going all the way around) So far, its a ''good costume'' considering you are good with needles and fabric and that you can make some majors touch ups!
Sorry for the inconvenience. We will alter the design with the tailors. The suit will be the same as the image shows.

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