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Patterns by GunHeadDesign

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the suit is very well made and comfortable. the design is great as well from gunheaddesigns. service from zentai-zentai and gunhead were both great and super helpful. this is the only place to get this suit at the moment and it was a godsend. thank you! Reply:
Thank you for your support! Have a good day!
Nicholas  July 17 2019


if i were to order this suit would you be able to make it somewhat resemble this? make the webs on the suit complete and remove the lines on the blue? with nice bright and vibrant colors? if you could remove the chest spider printed on there along with the back spider that would be nice too as i would like them raised when i order them but i dont want any of the print to show under the eva spiders...i would like the logos themselves to stay the same though. I would just like to know if this is a possibility before i order... Nicholas Reply:
This is a different design. Please contact service@zentai-zentai.com