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Review: Deadpool Costume | Black Matte Metallic and Red Spandex Lycra Zentai Suit

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Received my suit earlier then expected. Looks awesome and photos. Good quality suit and I love the muscle definition, because it's practically impossible to show muscle definition in lycra. I got to debut it at a local convention and received several complements for the upgrade. Check out the photo below.
 Adam  October 12 2015


A very good Deadpool suit, great design and made very well. This is probably the best looking Deadpool suit to buy online, very impressed when it arrived yesterday. It arrived at my home after 2 weeks from purchasing which was surprisingly fast. Thank you very much Zentai Zentai, I will be buying from you again in the future.
 AJ  April 10 2015


love how it looks. Is there anyway that I can make the mask look like the one in the picture?
AJ Reply:
THe shape can be updated. Please mail us right after payment to : service@zentai-zentai.com
LJ  June 12 2022


Great looking suit! Is there any way it can be made to be a 2 piece. Top and bottom separate? Also, can the mask be made more comic style like this?
Brian  January 05 2019


This looks really good, but are the suit and mask two seperate pieces, or is it all one piece?
yes, we can make the mask attached to the suit if you want. Please leave your request in the remarks text box while placing the order.
Jordan  August 11 2017


I am in love with this suit and would love to buy it with a few things considered. Cause this has to be the best suit I've seen online. 1. Is still open to buy? 2. Can the muscles be removed without me filling out a whole custom thing? 3. Would it be able to get here before September 22nd? So more than a month from now.
1,this costume is available. Please order it on this page. 2. we can remove the muscle if you need. 3.we can rush it, you will receive it before Sept.22nd if you order in 2 days. For more info, please contact service@zentai-zentai.com
Alex  March 03 2016


Great costume. Chose to remove muscles. The material and design are spot on. Highly recommend the custom sizing. Customer service was very helpful and delivery was very quick. Will definitely use again.
Obiora  September 29 2015


What are the eyes made out of ?Will i be able to see through them without any trouble ?
Mesh so you can see through
Jeff  August 15 2015


Can you get this suit without the muscle pads?
yes, they can be removed. Please leave your request in the remarks text box.
Wade  January 13 2015


Is there any way to get this suit without those funky ab things?