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"Im in love with it" What can I say about my order? Im just in love...

by Paula Estevez Caride August 28 2017

"Im in love with it"
What can I say about my order? Im just in love with it.

I was looking for this zentai in a lot of different web pages looking for a good quality-price product, and I found this from zentai-zentai, this was my first order here.
I was very scary, because after reading a lot of feedbacks and reviews, I found exceptionally good reviews vs terrible reviews, and wasn't confident about the purchase, specially because I need a personalized size.
I decided to contact the staff members to ask them about the sizing before placing the order and my worries about the feedbacks I found.
They (actually, the not very beloved by someones: Chuck) were absolutly kind and answered to all my questions, making me confortable placing the order and defending their tailoring team abilities; and asking me if I wanted glued soles or not in the costume and confirming me the changes I asked in some measurements I did wrong.
Because of this, customer support was 5/5.

-"Order in home"
The ordered was sent in less than a month.
I recieved the order just in 4-5 days after shipping by TNT team, luckly, no parcel fees this time to Spain. The tracking service was perfect and I didn't have any problem.
Shipping was for me 5/5
I was absolutely nervous about the sizing!.. After a lot of effort, I made it to fit in the costme and was... PERFECT. It fits perfectly to me, even the hands/gloves, wich I expected to be too big having only the total arm size and not all the sizes from the hand. I was very carefully placing the measurements, and I think that everything was tailored perfectly and according to them.
The fabric quality seems to me very nice and soft. I ordered the cheapest fabric, and I'm not complaining at all, It's firm, tight, and the colours are very solid and vibrant. The detail in the print is very good, and de desing absolutely awesome. And the super oversized hood? AWESOME!! *^*
So, product for me was 5/5
The only thing I didn't find "perfect" was the shape of the fingers in the hand (wich are very difficult to make..so I understand that they are not as perfect as the rest of the costume.. [very relatable to my cosplayer experiences...], and the soles (I ordered the cheapest ones). I expected them to get attached to the foot as a shoe, but they are just a "platform", and the material doesn't looks 100% resistant, (but it's just a conjecture). They aren't unconfortable to walk, so it's fine.

As a summary:

The Best:
-Customer support
-Shipping tracking and times
-Good tailoring-sizing service
-Quickly elaboration

The worst:
- Hand shape (wich actually it's quite good...)
- Soles (not very enthusiastic about them)

So, in general, 5/5! Very very happy with the purchase, totally worth it. I will buy again.. if I had money... :')

Thanks to all the Zentai-Zentai team!