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The Amazing S-guy 2 Zentai Suit with 3D Muscle Shades | Kens Version

  • ITEM: #ZZ5132986 Poids: 450g
USD $65.00
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This pattern is provided by Ken
ken landrum

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To ensure the neck part fits and you can take the hood off while wear the suit, we will recommend HOOD DETACHABLE instead of the Zipper on Back of Neck. The zipper length is not long enough for you to take the hood off easily.



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* Please double check size and custom options before checkout. NO CHANGES can be made after payment.
1 - The EVA lenses are excluded. You need to order them under the Custom Order
2 - If you need to print a different file, please click custom order or contact us.
3 - As the neck size is quite small for head, we will add the small zipper on the hood when you choose hood detachable or U shape zipper.
4 - In order to keep the pattern on back complete, we wil make the back zipper in U shape as the default option. Thanks.

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It'll have a deviation about 3-5cm, which is up to the different elasticity of fabric.
Please give us your height in "Item Remarks" when you place order.
Wearer's personal character will be completed exhibited out when a tight binding feeling is implemented on him or her.
Do not use washing powder and bleach for washing Learn more...
Wearer's weight should be no more than 150kg.
All Zentai suit is available for men, woman and kids.
All hoods can be purchased separately.
Custom Zentai suit is available, please choose the Customize under the size drop menu and it is free.
Special customize (for example No Hood, Open Crotch, Add Toes,etc) are available.

Fabric:Spandex Lycra
Pattern:Spiderman pattern provided by Ken
Design:Full body suit

EVA visibility

 Spandex Lycra Silk Lycra Modal Velours Shiny Metalic PVC
Elastic ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥
Breathability yes yes yes yes yes no

Men’s Size Chart
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Height 61 155 63 160 65 165 67 170 69 175 71 180 73 185 75 190
Chest 33 ½ 85 34 ½ 88 35 ¾ 91 37 94 38 ¼ 97 39 ½ 100 40 ½ 103 41 ¾ 106
Waist 28 ¾ 73 30 76 31 79 32 ¼ 82 33 ½ 85 34 ½ 88 35 ¾ 91 37 94
Hip 34 86 35 89 36 ¼ 92 37 ½ 95 38 ½ 98 39 ¾ 101 41 104 42 107

Women’s Size Chart
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Height 59 150 61 155 63 160 65 165 67 170 69 175 71 180 73 185
Bust 30 ¼ 77 31 ½ 80 32 ¾ 83 34 86 35 89 36 ¼ 92 37 ½ 95 38 ½ 98
Waist 22 ¾ 58 24 61 25 ¼ 64 26 ½ 67 27 ½ 70 28 ¾ 73 30 76 31 79
Hip 33 ½ 85 34 ½ 88 35 ¾ 91 37 94 38 ¼ 97 39 ½ 100 40 ½ 103 41 ¾ 106

Kids Size Chart
Size Height
cm in
S (age 6-8) 102 - 118 3´4" - 3´10"
M (age 8-10) 119 - 136 3´11" - 4´5"
L (age 10-12) 137 - 152 4´6" - 5´

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  • Robert
  • TheSpideyDad
  • Jorge
  • Mike
  • Aaron
  • Phil
  • Phil
  • Antonio


I got Jersey Lycra for two of the suits I ordered, the picture is my best friend wearing the L one and I got the XL. I have to say this is probably the best purchase I've done. I give it 5 stars(or plus) rating for its durability, comfort, accuracy in printing, and the overall quality of the suit, it's all amazing. If you're still checking, STOP, just buy it and pick the jersey lycra option. That option really makes a big difference. I bought a default lycra on of deadpool, not the same level of comfort and thickness I hoped but still a great purchase. I suggest getting a face shell but personally I don't like the spider on the chest and back, that's just my opinion though.
 TheSpideyDad  October 15 2015


This is my first Spidey suit, so I went into this fairly blind. I checked out the rpf forums and read about Ken Landrum's free design. Also based on some reviews here, photos, and videos on youtube, I decided to give zentai-zentai.com a try. I am not disappointed. I did a custom order and provided my measurements. Communication was great and I was sent a picture 3 weeks after order. After confirming I wanted it shipped without any more addons (was considering added soles, but it would have added another 7 days of processing), I received it in 5 days. Crazy fast shipping from China! I couldn't believe it actually. As for the suit, it fit me like a tight glove, which I believe is what you want. I don't want any loose pieces or ripples anywhere. The print and default fabric (Spandex Lycra) looks just great, and the sewing is very well done. There are a few spots where lines don't match up perfectly, but for the base price of $65 dollars before shipping. Also in my mask, around the chin area, there is a stitching line that I was expecting and did not see in other pictures, but I assume it's due to my measurements. Doesn't really bother me. Once I add my own soles, a DIY face shell, and either compression pants/shirt or dancer belt, I should be good to go. I am very happy with the suit (I had tried a disguise Spiderman bodysuit and it was crap). This one looks light years better at roughly the same cost. Thank you Chuck and zentai-zentain.com Follow me on Instagram @thespideydad
 Jorge  December 16 2014


love this suit it fits perfectly, customer service was amazing the customized options is awesome and a good priceI love the detachable Mask with zipper the 3d spider looks amazing on the suit as you can tell in my before and after picture the detachable gloves match amazingly with the patterns everything was perfect with my suit. waiting to get a little extra cash so I can give them my custom made black suit from the movie Spiderman 3 I also bought lenses from them and its very flexible and it looks awesome judge for your self
 Mike  November 23 2014


Amazing suit, I ordered with custom size, soles, spiders attached front and back and lenses attached... All lined up and fixed perfectly and all the lines on the suit also matched and sewn great. We will definitely be placing all our future company orders through zentai-zentai.
 Aaron  November 02 2014


This suit is fantastic! I had a few places turn a little white on me but I will dye it always. I added my own soles and got an amazing faceshell and lenses. The kids loved it and said I looked like the "Real" spiderman! I was very pleased with this suit, hopefully coming back!
 Phil  November 01 2014


Oh and one last thing, EXCELLENT customer service. I asked what I felt was annoying questions over and over just to be safe, but I was answered swiftly and politely. Some of the best customer service ever! P.S. Took this photo outside in 50 degree weather, so cold! Worth it!
 Phil  November 01 2014


So I did my own modifications to this suit, for money purposes but my god was this a great buy! Fits great, and is insanely comfortable. This is my first time cosplaying/wearing a legitimate costume for Halloween, and I'm definitely gonna wear this again for Cons. Or at least keep zentai-zentai in mind. Next time I may want to do an "Ultimate" custom suit, but I'm confident in zentai-zentai to be my go to for printing and sewing!.My suggestion to anyone puff painting this suit, be EXTREMELY patient or figure out a different method. I messed up in some spots, got them out but they can be noticeable if you look for them. Also my only negative review on this is that I was given a slightly misshapen spider that was slightly smaller than expected. All in all though, not mad and I made it work, amazing suit! Thanks, zentai-zentai!
 Antonio  October 03 2014


 Antonio  October 03 2014


Everything perfect. Fast throughout. Recommended!
 Rick  September 28 2014


This suit is far superior than other sites and fit perfectly with the custom measurements option. Thank you very much!

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