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Evangelion Costume

Awesome evangelion costumes, dress like evangelion charactors
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The Zentai is amazing. I only had to do a few changes for it to be perfect. It shines almost like if it was made of latex and fits very well. Although I recommend when purchasing the custom measurements, you put the leg length longer because it will be better (I had to sew the leg end myself for it to fit perfeclty). The green part and the silver parts were painted by me and the numbers do not come with the Zentai, I had to put them myself. Overall, very good. Totally recommend the custom measurements option Pinkymiri
Jenny  June 08 2013


Best suit ever! I love this costume and the custom size fits me so well! Jenny
Alexa  August 12 2019


Custom size fits really well! Very happy with the suit! Really excited to wear it to a con.
Elizabeth  February 27 2016


This is by far my most successful cosplay to date. Whenever I wear it, I can barely walk an inch without getting stopped for a million pictures. The backpack piece did break and I did end up cutting off the feet because I was too tall for the suit and it didn't fit as well. But still, would definitely recommend this suit. And the customer service is fantastic.