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Shiny Zentai Suits

Which is original? Zentai suits or something else?

The word "Zentai" can be traced back to 2005. It firstly shown up as a Japanese word "ゼンタイ" which is the originator of all the full body suits no matter what they call it now in different countries.

Why Mrzentai.com is a better option?

We choose the top quanlity spandex fabric to make our zentai suits. 4-way revolutionary and size custom service give a better fit to avoid baggy and saggy. More fabric to choose for different purpose such as cotton lycra for sensitive skin. Over 30 custom options to make your suit more comfortable or one step closer to your design.

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 Buy shiny zentai suit in wholesale price. Size custom-made is free. Special custom-made such as crotch zipper, open eyes and mouth is available. 
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What is the fabric in the suit Reply:
Shiny metallic, spandex lycra with coating, strechy. It is quite durable but cannot touch with water.
Jo98  April 21 2020


1 What it the fabric in the metallic suit made out of and on the inside? 2 what is the durability of the suit and the tose option? 3 how is the durability of the suit
David  February 20 2019


Thanks for this nice suit. Very shiny. The only one con is that it's not very breathable.
Shennanigma  January 30 2018


Material is nice, but I ordered an off-the-shelf XL, so to speak, and it didn't fit quite right; wouldn't go all the way up to my shoulders, very uncomfortable as a result. Double-check measurements against the size chart before you buy!
Virginia  October 23 2017


I'm terribly dissapointed with the garment I received. As I write this review, I'll let you all know that the garment came through the mail about a half an hour ago. I ordered a custom size version of this zentai for Halloween because I am a plus size woman. Firstly, the company emailed me after my order already said it was processed and being made that they needed an another 10$ because of the extra fabric. The email went to spam and it wasn't until I was digging around one day looking for news on when the order was being shipped out that I noticed this. When I had first placed it, it was in just enough time for Halloween, but now it wouldn't be. I asked them to rush it and they did so I will commend them for at least getting it in on time. However, there's nothing in the "free custom sizing" section mentioning anything about money for extra fabric. I really wanted this zentai though so I went ahead and paypal-ed them the extra ten. What I take major issue with is that as I just tried on this zentai a few minutes ago, the fit is godawful. They made me pay ten extra dollars for extra fabric, but couldn't be bothered to put in a zipper long enough for me to be able to get in without tearing the garment. Without barely even getting it over my thighs, it ripped down the center. The zipper was so short and the stitching was so cheap. I cried because as after all the customization on it (removable hands, eye holes, etc), the expedited shipping, and then having to pay another ten dollars on top of it, it's ruined in less than three minutes and I am out of 80$. I managed to get the rest of it on to see if maybe I could somehow salvage this, but it was made too short and the neck way too small. I found this weird considering the fact that the friend I had take my measurements was a former seamstress. She is a sewing and measuring pro. Even if the zipper and rip were salvageable, I couldn't wear this zentai because it would never fit around my neck and it's not long enough for my torso. I am so furious and upset. Not only am I out of money and a Halloween costume, but I was really looking forward to the purchase especially seeing how many other cool zentai they have on this site. I will never recommend this site to family or friends.
jpgunmaster03  March 29 2016


Can you breathe through this suit? Reply:
yes, you can breath but not see through.