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Which is original? Zentai suits or something else?

The word "Zentai" can be traced back to 2005. It firstly shown up as a Japanese word "ゼンタイ" which is the originator of all the full body suits no matter what they call it now in different countries.

Why Mrzentai.com is a better option?

We choose the top quanlity spandex fabric to make our zentai suits. 4-way revolutionary and size custom service give a better fit to avoid baggy and saggy. More fabric to choose for different purpose such as cotton lycra for sensitive skin. Over 30 custom options to make your suit more comfortable or one step closer to your design.

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Buy cheap zentai hood & catsuits mask online. Hood on every Zentai suit and catsuit on our website can be ordered separately. Please contact us.Children size is available.
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Is it possible to get a maskhood in full red? I need one for a Vigilante Spiderman cosplay,respond when you can! -Nick Nick Reply:
Please order it here: http://www.zentai-zentai.com/custom-zentai-hood-products-774.html
Pait  January 15 2017


I could totally paint the wax but the texture would be innscsiotent which may not be a bad thing. Your comment did however inspire me to paint the branch some fun color which I had not previously thought of. I’m excited. I hope somebody else makes one too. I would love to see how someone else’s mind would create this.
Maralynn  January 15 2017


Way to go on this essya, helped a ton.
Jake  November 08 2015


Would it be possible to get this in maroon with a fully open face? Reply:
yes, we can change the color and design. PLease contact: service@zentai-zentai.com
Eric  September 08 2013


hi my name is eric and I live with my sexy girlfriend and she just bought 4 or 5 hoods one is pvc one latex and all the others satin with matching gloves and she wears them constantly even around her kids too even though its hard for her to kiss me with it on but she does ok plus her gloved hands feel so sexy too
Andy  November 09 2012


I also used this for a Slenderman costume. Worked well, but I had difficulties seeing anything beyond three feet (unless it was brightly illuminated, like a t.v. screen). It IS possible to see through, but I found it too difficult and kept it off when I could.