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comic ones plzzz Jacob
Renee  June 06 2020


Do they come with 1 or 2 web shooters Reply:
This price includes a pair of them.
Evan  April 04 2020


How long is the cape? Reply:
Please leave your height measurement in the remarks text box. We will make the length according to it.
Nazir  July 29 2018


Does The Web Shooters Have Magnets In The Button So It won't Wiggle Around? Reply:
It has no magnet. Just the velcro.
Jaden  June 10 2018


Question, when you buy them do they ship with only one webshooter or both webshooters? Reply:
Two webshooters.
Rebecca  September 07 2017


I would like to know if there are magnets Reply:
It is not magnets, it is velcro